Our Team   

We searched high and low to put together a top-notch team of industry experts.  And after 30 years, hundreds of satisfied clients, and a slew of national awards, we think we've picked the winning team.  Click on any picture to find out more about the members of our management team.


President / CEO 
Vice President 
Director of Sales & Marketing
Client Relations Manager
Creative Manager
Client Relations Manager
Accounting Manager
Logistic Manager
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Tim Hennessy Sr.

Tim brings more than 30 years of experience into the job.  Overseeing customer experiences, Tim works to establish new relationships and foster long-term relationships with current clients through attentive service. A graduate of The University of Alabama, Tim is President of Sunbelt Promotional Products Association, a member of the Presidents Cabinet of The University of Alabama, a member of the Kiwanas Club, actively involved in The University of Alabama Alumni Assocation, and a member of the Monday Morning Quarterback Club.


Sonya Holcomb

Sonya handles the day-to-day financial responsibilities of Concepts & Associates.  An experienced public accountant, she prepares and reviews all accounts receivable and payable, making sure invoices are correct and our partners paid on time.  A 10-key calculator pro, she received a BS and MS in Accounting from The University of Alabama.



Lynne Hennessy

Involved with the company since inception, Lynne oversees all things operational.  She works with the sales and creative teams to make sure every order meets quality expectations and is delivered on time and on budget.  Lynne's creative flair has been instrumental in helping deliver award-winning, effective promotions for our clients.


Hallie Forster

Adept in all things creative, Hallie leads our creative services efforts, both external and internal.  She works closely with our clients in creating concepts and artwork for promotional projects.  She also works closely with our Company E-stores to ensure all logos and artwork meets specifications.  She is a graduate of The University of Alabama with a degree in Advertising.


Julianna Danner

As head of our E-Company Stores, Julianna is your go-to person when you have any kind of question.  Her prior experience in inside sales and customer service has served our customers well as she manages and orders inventory for company stores.  She heads up the customer service team and quality control efforts, ensuring high-quality customer experiences for all of our clients.


Pam Price

As Client Relations Manager, Pam is in charge of purchasing.  She works closely with both our suppliers and clients to ensure orders are correct and the client knows what to expect.  Prior to coming to Concepts, Pam has a background in television, working for both United Methodist Communications and as a producer for Crook & Chase.  She is our own personal gateway to the stars.


Michael Hennessy

In charge of all things shipping, Michael is your go-to guy for status updates.  Michael and his team ensure all items are packed and shipped on time, then diligently follows up with the shipper to ensure shipping is snag free.  In addition to managing all fulfillment, Michael keeps the gears of business well greased by ensuring strong relationships with UPS and FedEx.


Tim Hennessy Jr.

Tim works closely with members of all teams to ensure the highest level of quality service for our clients.  Tim brings more than 10 years of experience to the position.  He oversees the company's marketing efforts and has been instrumental in helping to create several of our national award-winning promotions.  He is a graduate of Auburn University and is active in the community.