We are here with you.

We are here for you.

Our Concepts Team is here for you during this time. We would love to help support your important employee teams that are on the front lines fighting against COVID-19.

We are thinking about these important teams.


Health care providers in our beyond busy health care systems.

Trucking teams still sending food and supplies to our grocery stores.

Power company teams still keeping our lights on.

Internet companies keeping us all up and running online.

And the construction teams that are currently building facilities to support our healthcare system.


We are also thinking of the teams that have been sent home to remote work, to keep the engines running from afar.

Just like we are doing here at Concepts.

Or perhaps you have clients that you would like to give a meaningful "thank you" for continuing to support your business during this crises.

We are here to help.

We have ideas for personalized care-package kits to say a special thank you to your employee teams on the front lines.


Send a shout out to your team working remotely.

Need to send a thank you to your continued loyal client base?

Concepts has plenty of great ideas for ways to reach out with a personal touch from your organization.


Maybe your team is tired of take-out food?

How about sending them a personalized family Home Chef Kit?



Is your team is new to remote work and in need of
Home Office Supplies?

Or have your clients gone stir crazy at home and need a

Quarantine Entertainment Kit?


We love these ideas to sanitize and keep things clean!


Check out this UV Sterilizer!


Customized Paper Soap

Phone cleaner with stylus

We are here to support you while you support your teams during COVID-19.

Please reach out with any questions or if you need more ideas!



Your Concepts Team

We are here with you, and for you.

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