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WBENC - Certified woman owned business





Benefits of Partnering with a WBENC Certified Business


Tax Incentives

Working with a WBENC-certified WBE can provide your company many tax benefits. The federal government affords tax incentives to those who conduct business with minority and women-owned businesses and tax liabilities are reduced for projects funded with federal or state grants or loan when the supplier is a women-owned business. We will provide you with all WBENC certification information needed for taxes purposes upon request.



New Revenue Opportunities

Research conducted by the Hackett Group shows that working with a WBENC-certified business, can increase profitability by as much as 130%. Additionally, the research concluded that procurement organizations who work with a diverse supplier base also had lower overall operating costs and spent 20% less on their buying operations.



Work in Diverse Markets

WBENC certified WBEs are among the fastest growing sector of our economy. By working with a WBE, it shows your company’s commitment to supporting diverse markets and furthering economic growth in local communities. In turn, your business becomes more attractive to corporations who are seeking second-tier sourcing suppliers that work with women-owned business.



Promotes Innovation

WBENC certified businesses tend to be smaller in size, therefore we have the advantage of agility, making course corrections, faster turnaround times, and implementing creative and innovative strategies to meet the needs of their clients. This is something you won’t find in a larger agency bogged down by layers of processes and procedures.