Employee Incentive & Recognition Programs

Employee reward and recognition programs are one method of motivating employees to change work habits and key behaviors to benefit a growing business. In order to maintain a good reward or recognition program there needs to be a daily reminder of the reward or recognition.

We are not saying you need to reward or regonzie employees on a daily basis.

We are saying that they need to remember that you do reward and recognize them.

A daily reminder easily comes in the form of a physical product.  Otherwise known as ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS in the form of a Plaque, Crystal Award or Medallion Coin.

Here is a recent Case Study we would like to share about the success one of our clients has received with thier employee reward and recognition program!

Employee Incentive & Recognition Programs

Program: Corporate Club Coin

Field of Work: Metal Service Industry

This Recognition Program was rolled out along with the company's new logo at their annual sales meeting. As new employees are brought on, the coins are mailed to each person's home within a few weeks of their hire date.

Each employee is given their branded Corporate Club Coin as a daily reminder of their key role as part of the brand's ongoing legacy. That legacy being one of success and to think of that icon as their territory, department, or day-to-day job functions, and see themselves flourish. They are part of a company that is resilient & adapts in an ever-changing world, with deep roots in the communities in which they serve, holding strong bonds with their customers & suppliers.

Program Cost was $7,500 for 650 coins, packaging, and printed card describing the coin with messaging.

This metal company wanted every employee to be recognized for a job well done, and to have something they could carry around with them or display at their desk as a daily reminder of how they can nurture and care for the business intentionally every single day. And with that intentional effort comes strong roots that will ultimately support their growing business.

The company’s attrition rate decreased since the coin release. They had a 3.3% turnover rate during this time, compared to 11.4% the previous year.

They consider the results as priceless, as they cannot quantify the value of an employee who believes they are part of a family.


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