In this time of growing concern surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we want to assure our clients that the Concepts & Associates management team is prepared with our emergency contingency plan and has already implemented our infectious disease response plan.

We continue to closely monitor developments and are able to quickly respond and adapt to the environment, based on what is required for this particular situation. This may include alternating work schedules, working remotely and other options.  Our technology solutions are in a secured environment that will ensure uninterrupted services for our clients.

Our response plan ensures continuity of service levels in all areas of our organization. We are in constant communication with our supply chain, and are continuing to monitor inventory levels. The entire Concepts team is highly committed to providing on-time deliveries.

At Concepts, we are safeguarding our plans by making smart and safe decisions. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to you, our valued customer, while at the same time maintaining a healthy and secure workplace for our staff.

Timothy C. Hennessy, Sr.


Concepts & Associates, Inc. 

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